Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Holy Help...Plan B

How do you react when you realize that you life isn't turning out the way you thought that it would?  That is the topic of one of the books that I'm currently reading, Plan B by Pete Wilson.  This book is actually recommended reading for a Life Group at the church I attend.  I'm not actually involved in this particular Life Group, however, I did borrow the book from the leader of the Life Group that I am a part of.

After reading only 3 or 4 chapters last night I was moved to tears from some of the stories in the book.  I haven't actually gotten to the "meat" of the book yet, however, I can see where my life has veered off of course from my predetermined destination, and that this was God's will for my life, not my own.  Essentially, I am not in control.  This seems to be the main point of the book.  You may have a path that you think your life is going to take, "plan A".  Sometimes you need to live by "plan B", the path that God sets before you.

Lacking control of my own life, I've been unable to read anything except children's books for the last 4 nights!  Spring Break has started, and I've had both kids home with me, so nap times have been off, and the baby has been staying up very late.  Even after a day at Disney, she is still going strong at 10:30!  So, look for more on this book to come.


  1. What's the quote, something like:

    "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans."

  2. That is so true! I'm not doing anything today that I had planned on when graduating from High School, or even College...and it wasn't that long ago.