Monday, March 28, 2011

Ava's Reaction to The Little Engine That Could

This is one of those classics that we all just love, or at least I do.  A few weeks ago, I was telling my mother how much my daughter loved to have books read to her and that she can start to supply words into the story after having them read to her just once.  Of course I was beaming, as I am now, but dear little Ava wouldn't play along.  She just acted silly and made me look like a liar.  But this is something that she really does.

My mother asked if we had The Little Engine That Could.  No, we didn't.  How could that be?  I love that book.

On Saturday the whole family went to Barnes and Noble after a volunteer outing.  Ava picked out two new Little Critter books, I went on a hunt for The Little Engine That Could, and Beau went to find Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now.  We all found the books we were looking for.  Of course, there were four different Little Engine books to choose from.  One of the books had the original words and NEW art.  I did not buy this book.  I'm traditional, I wanted traditional.

The book is just as wonderful as I remembered, but as I sat down to read it to Ava, I was sure she was bored.  The text is long, and repeats, but not in a sing-songy fun way.  She started flipping through Marvin K. while I was reading, but I kept going because I wanted to hear the end this beloved childhood classic.  I finished and put the book on the dresser and went about the rest of my day.

Sunday after church, Ava was sitting on her bed looking at books.  She picked up The Little Engine, opened to a random page and said, "No, I won't help you."  She remembered the story!  The trains that pass the little engine won't stop and help the toys and dolls over the mountain.  She even said this line in a deep, mean voice.  Two things happened inside of me at that moment, my heart absolutely melted and I felt a surge of triumph.  I had assumed that she liked Daddy's book better, and while she remembered that story as well, she liked the one I picked out, too.

Of course both of these books were over shadowed by the Little Critter books which have become her favorite.

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