Thursday, March 10, 2011

Childproofed - Reese Reed

I downloaded the ebook Childproofed by Reese Reed months ago when I first got my nook.  I was really excited about the whole ebook reader and downloading process.  I ended up getting a lot of books and then not reading them right away.  I finally read this short book a few weeks ago.  I sure was glad that I hadn't read it sooner.  New mom syndrome.  Reese Reed illustrates how the main character, Virginia, goes through all the tough stuff that new moms are forced to go through.  She is exhausted, insecure, she's gained weight, and she feels like her "work" doesn't really count in the "real world".

To make matters worse, her husband who works as a high school teacher, and head coach of the football team, is the target of a hot, young (but legal) student's affections.  Virginia learns this at a football game when she over hears the girl, Ella, talking about her husband and how he must be sick of his wife after having two children with her.  Virginia packs up her two kids and heads back home.  She keeps this information to herself and tries to deal with it throughout the entire book, relying only on an old friend for guidance and comfort.

This book clearly illustrates what most, if not all, new moms go through.  Wondering if you husband is bored, faithful, fulfilled, or just plain sick of you.  Virginia, like all of us, lets herself go, only getting dressed up for special occasions, letting her hair and make-up fall by the wayside.  She feels out of touch with herself, a feeling that I think all new moms can empathize with.  She feels like her life is all about taking care of others and that somewhere along the way she has lost herself.

I have to admit that after reading this book, I had a mini crisis myself, feeling that I had lost myself in the midst of my own two children.  This was a great quick read, by an author I had never heard of, but will be looking for again.

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