Monday, March 7, 2011

Dexter....How I Love Dexter

If I were to be asked (and answered without thinking) whether I like the show Dexter or the Dexter series books better, I would quickly reply the show.  If I were being honest, I wouldn't have an answer that easily, or maybe at all.  

The show is a hit, no doubt.  It is dramatic, suspenseful, sexy, all the things that make a great show.  I was a bit skeptical this last season after Rita died, but when I saw that Julia Stiles was the guest star for the season, I was hooked.  I happen to really like (love) her acting style, and I don't know that I've ever seen her in anything that I didn't like.  

The Dexter books, on the other hand, don't necessarily have all of the same attributes that the show has.  They are dramatic and suspenseful, but not to the same degree that the show is.  They aren't very sexy and there definitely seems to be more action in the show.  All of which I don't mind at all.  

The books are written so well.  I love Jeff Lindsay's writing style.  His use of alliteration never disappoints.  I never get tired of it or roll my eyes because it sounds lame.  Sometimes authors get very wordy when describing scenes in books, feelings, or thoughts.  Lindsay creates word swirls that leave me rereading parts because I find them so fascinating, not because of the exact content, but because of the way he is able to weave the words together in such a compelling manner.  I often highlight parts that amaze me to read to my husband later.  I don't think he appreciates the word webs as much as I do, but I make him listen.

Dexter does seem less "human" in the books than he does in the show.  Lindsay portrays him as this empty shell that lacks all human emotions.  Until book 5, Dexter is Delicious, which I am reading now.  At the birth of Dexter's very own daughter, Lily Anne, Dexter seems to develop the capacity to feel love, irritation, worry, among other human emotions that he isn't quite sure what to do with.  He swears to give up his dark ways as the Dark Avenger; to ignore his Dark Passenger.  I'm skeptical about his ability to follow through with his plan, especially with Cody and Astor excited about Dexter teaching them the Harry Code.  My skepticism is increased with the introduction of the book's "bad guy" however, I won't spoil it for you.

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