Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Authors - Submit a Story and appear in eFiction Magazine!

Hey Authors! As most of you know I've been working over at eFiction Magazine for a while now, and things there are absolutely booming! Of course, we are always looking for new authors to submit stories for upcoming issues of the magazine.

Now that eFiction Magazine is being sold for the Kindle, we are reaching more readers than ever. Hopefully soon more issues will also be available on Smashwords and other online retailers so that those of you with other ereaders (like myself) can enjoy the mag each month. Of course, you can always visit the site on your browser to see what's new.

As new, upcoming indie authors, getting your name out there only helps you. I'll be honest, it can also help us. Submit a short story that you've written to the mag. If your story appears in the magazine your bio will also appear, so write a good one and be sure to include your previously published works, and perhaps a link to your page.

Sounds easy, right? It is. I did it, in fact I still do each month with all of the wonderful, expertly (ha) written book reviews that you guys see here.

October is paranormal month, November is un-themed, and December is a focus on family. So get your stories ready and start submitting. I look forward to reading them.