Saturday, September 17, 2011

Book Giveaway!!!

So, here it is. The first Books Reviews by Essie giveaway. I have a signed copy of Jane Was Here. If you haven't read the review, head on over and check it out. A very worthwhile book. :)

Since today is my birthday, and I feel that I am mourning the loss of my youth, I figured I should do something to cheer me up a bit. What better way than to giveaway a good book to one of my readers?

So here is the game. Guess my age. Simple. You can post it here in the comments. Of the people that guess correctly, I'll randomly choose a winner. If you know me,and you know my age, don't give it away, just post your answer. If no one guesses correctly, I'll pick the most flattering age. So choose wisely. No, just kidding. If no one guesses correctly, I'll randomly choose one person from all people who participated.

The game will run for 5 days. So I will choose a winner on September 22nd. Have fun!


  1. Um... 30?

  2. First of all...happy birthday!! Now to guess. Hmm, 'mourning my youth' has a very familiar ring. It sounds an awful lot like something I've been moaning all year. And I'm about to turn 30, so my guess is 30! I hope your b-day is awesome!!